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Physical Examination
Medical Insurance
Physical Examination

1. Objects

Students who hold X1 visas or X2 visas and will study for more than 6 months (6-months duration excluded) must take physical examinations.

2. Time

New students that do not have a valid physical health certificate or whose health certificates do not meet the required health standards must take physical examinations. BISU will organize these students to Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center for such physical examinations. Detailed information will be notified of in due time.

New students who register after the registration date and non-freshmen students who need to retake physical examinations will have to go to Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center by themselves.

Address of the Healthcare Center: 10 De Zheng Road, Hai Dian District, Beijing

Office hours: 8:30—11:00 a.m. from Monday to Friday

Telephone number: 86-10-82403675

3. Required Documents

The Admission Notice, the passport and a photo copy of the passport, two 2-inch color photos.

Students who have already taken physical examinations should bring a full set of the original medical reports for verification.

Cost: physical examination: RMB 400 Yuan; verification: RMB 60 Yuan.

4. People who have AIDS, venereal disease, mental disorder, leprosy, contagious tuberculosis or other infectious diseases are refused to enter into China by the Chinese Government.

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