Facilities and Convenience

Life Convenience


Industrial and Commercial Bank of ChinaTo the east of BISU North Gate

Agricultural Bank of China500 meters west from the North Gate, south side of Chao Yang Road

On-campus ATMs:

Agricultural Bank of China: the west entrance of Teaching Building No 1

China Merchants BankBehind the north entrance of Canteen No 3

Bank of Beijing: Behind the south entrance of Canteen No 3

Post Office

San Jian Fang Post OfficeAround 500m to the east of the North Gate, on the north side of Chao Yang Road   Office hours: 8:30-18:00 (no lunch break)

Correspondence of the University:


No (2/7/8, as appropriate) Foreign Student Dormitory Building

Beijing International Studies University

1 Dingfuzhuang Nan Li

Chaoyang District

Beijing 100024, P.R.China

Tel. : Your Phone Number


Campus Supermarket: on the right side behind the north entrance of Canteen No.3

Tian Ke Long Supermarket: Opposite the BISU North Gate

Lotus Supermarket: take bus 639, 488, Express 111, 731, 648, 615 or BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) 2 westbound on the other side of the street in front of the North Gate, and get off at Min Hang Hospital Stop(about 10 to 15 minutes’ ride). Bus fare is 1 Yuan in cash or 40 cents with a Public Transport Card.


Internet point is available in every room. The access prices are as follows:

In Building No 2: around RMB 120 Yuan per month. Contact information of the service provider is available at the reception desk (Tel: 65778206).

In Building No 7 and No 8: RMB 60 Yuan per month. Apply in Office 322 (Tel: 65778646), Building No.1 with the Meal Card (also known as Yi Ka Tong) and the student card.


DIY (Do It Yourself) Laundry service is available in all the dormitories.

Dormitory No 2 and No. 7 have been equipped with these machines on every floor. Fee: RMB 4 Yuan/per time only in coin. If you don’t have enough coins, please change at the front desk of the dormitory.

Dormitory No 8’s Laundry can be done on the 7th floor. Fee: RMB 3 Yuan/per time only by Laundry Card. You can purchase the Card at the front desk with RMB 50 Yuan for the first time, including RMB 20 Yuan deposit. A minimum of RMB 30 Yuan is required in every top-up.


Section A of Dormitory No. 2 has three public kitchens on the third, fourth and fifth floor respectively, equipped with induction cookers and microwave ovens for all day free use.

Dormitory No. 8 has two public kitchens on the sixth and eighth floor, equipped with induction cookers and fridges for all day free use.

Telephone Card

Receiving in-coming calls in your dormitory room is free of charge. However, you need to get a “201 telephone card” for out-going calls. This 201 Card is available at the campus newspaper stand.

Travel and Transportation

Public transportation means in Beijing are mainly subways, buses and taxies.

The Beijing Subway System covers almost everywhere in Beijing, including Line 1, Line 2, Line 4, Line 5, Line 6, Line 8, Line 10, Line 13, Line 14, Line 15, Batong Line, the Airport Express, Daxing Line, Changping Line, Yizhuang Line, and Fangshan Line. Usually, the fastest and most convenient way of moving around the city is to take the subway first and transfer to the bus or the taxi to get to the destination. The nearest subway station to BISU is the Communication University of China Station on Batong Line (the station is about 800 meters west of the South Gate) and Dalianpo Station on Line 6 (the station is about 800 meters north of the North Gate).

There are bus stops outside both the south gate and the north gate of BISU.

It’s recommended that every student get a Transport Card to travel around the city for its convenience and discount. The Transport Card is almost available at every subway station’s ticket office costing RMB 20 Yuan as administrative charge. No restriction in every top-up.

For more information about the subway see Appendix 1 the 2014 Beijing Subway Map.

Safety Tips

Strengthen Awareness of Self-protection

  1. ISO kindly advises you to avoid getting drunk and/or even getting addicted to alcohol.

  2. If you don’t feel well, seek medical assistance at public hospitals immediately.

  3. Always bring along the contact information of the contact person in case of any emergency. This person can be your guardian in China, your teacher, your friend, or your relative in Beijing.

  4. Please stay in contact with ISO, your teachers or classmates when you are traveling around.

  5. While travelling, avoid going out alone, especially at night.



  1. Go to reliable restaurants, hotels and shops for what you are after, and ask for formal receipt of every transaction. When you take a taxi, do remember to ask for a receipt as well, and make sure you don’t leave your belongings behind when you get off.

  2. Be alert and careful about your belongings in crowded places such as train stations, bus stops or subway stations, and tourist spots. Beware of thieves who might steal your belongings from your pants’ back pockets or backpacks. It is a good idea that you have your bag in the front.

  3. Keep an eye on your belongings such as your bag, coat, cell phone, and wallet when you are in the classroom, the dining hall, or the stadium, etc. When you leave even for a short time, you had better take the valuable belongings with you or ask your friend to take care of them for you.

  4. When you withdraw money from the ATM, do not input your password if you see someone suspicious around. If the machine breaks down while you are using it, do not leave the machine, but call the Bank immediately.

Agricultural Bank of China:95599;

Bank of China:95566;

China Construction Bank:95533;

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China:95588;

China Merchants Bank:95555;

Bank of Communications:95559


Fire Prevention

  1. Use your electrical appliances according to the instructions. When you leave the room, make sure that you’ve turned off all the electrical appliances and the gas.

  2. Do not throw cigarette ends around. Do not smoke on the bed and do not leave lit candles unattended in you room.

  3. Do not remove, abuse of, or damage fire extinguishers, or block fire passages.

  4. Do not set off fireworks on campus or in your room.

  5. Call 119 or 65778011 for the police if there is a fire.


Travel and Traffic Safety Guide

  1. Abide by the traffic rules and regulations and be cautious about the traffic.

  2. Motorcycle riding on campus is prohibited.

  3. Driving without license is prohibited.

  4. For your safety and for the safety of others, driving after drinking is strictly prohibited. 










Friendly reminders from ISO

If you encounter something that you are not sure about how to correctly deal with, do not proceed yourself but seek advice from your teachers.


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