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Business School, Beijing International Studies University Factsheets 2019/2020
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Business SchoolBeijing International Studies University


Factsheets 2019/2020


1. Business School Background

Business School of Beijing International Studies Universities (BS-BISU) is established in July 2013 as a proud and integral part of BISU. BS-BISU has established long-term cooperation relationships with more than ten world renowned universities which include UC Berkeley in US and University of Plymouth in UK。In view of campus in Beiing China and

 Châteauroux in France,BS-BISU dedicates to not only high-quality teachings at international level but the cultivation of global perspectives as well as cross-cultural skills for its 

students. The Alumni of BS-BISU has been formed from all around the world. After graduations, our students are employed by big firms such as the “Big Four” accountancy firms,

the Fortune Global 500s and other international famous financial corporations.

Beijing International Studies University

Beijing International Studies University was founded in 1964 with the support of China’s first premier Zhou Enlai, is a renowned higher institution of multi-disciplines with the foreign 

languages and literature as its dominant discipline. It has cultivated many outstanding diplomats such as Wang Yi(State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs), and elites and talents 

in various industries including Gao Hucheng(former Minister of Commerce), Chang Zhenming(Chairman of CITIC Group).


2. Features

  • Curriculum: the Financial Accounting Modules based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the Financial Analysis Modules based on big data, and the Auditing and Tax

  • Module based on information system development.

  • Faculty: Comprised of young full-time professors, renowned visiting scholars from famous international universities, and celebrated corporate leaders (executive or guest lecturers) from both domestic and international companies.

  • Internship: Opportunities are available in famous accountancy firms and banks in China

  • Culture Diversity: More than 1500 international students coming from over 100 countries, being able to enhance cross-cultural understanding and cultural exchange

  • Extracurricular Activities: A wide range of cultural, sport, musical and social activities, and city trips

  • Scholarship: Available for excellent students.


3. Locations

Beijing Campus

5th floor, Zhixing Building, Business School

No.1 Dingfuzhuang Nanli, Beijing International Studies University, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100024, P.R. China


4. Contacts

International Exchange and Cooperation Office/ International Student Affairs Office

Address: Room 102, Mingde Building


Telephone: 86-10-65778827


5. How to Apply/ Apply Procedure

(1) Online application: /

(2) Initial Review and Evaluation by the Admissions Office

(3) Issue “Visa Application Form for Study in China” and “University Admission Notice”

(4)Visa application at the Chinese Embassies or Chinese Consulates

(5) Enrollment

(6)Payment of Tuition Fees


6. Application Materials

  • Application Form(attaching a photo)

  • Copy of Photo Page of Passport(ordinary passport within the validity period)

  • Copy of the high school diploma*.

  • Copy of high school transcripts or a notarized copy*.

  • Certificate of English proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS)

  • Personal Statement**.

  • Application fee: CNY 800

    *A notarized Chinese or English translation version should be provided in the case of the original certificates are not in English or Chinese.

    **Personal Statement should be written in English, including education background, work experience, results in academic, research proposal, etc.


7. Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2019/2020

Application Deadline

May 31, 2019


29th and 30th August, 2019

Class starts

2nd September, 2019

Mid-autumn Festival

13th -15th September, 2019

National Holiday

October 1–7, 2019

Examination weeks

30th December,2019-10th January, 2020

Winter Break

13th January,2020


8. Programs



Entry requirement





(1) Completed recognized upper secondary or equivalent Year 12 studies to the required standard.

(2) English proficiency: TOEFL(IBT)79/IELTS 6.0

4 years



9. Accommodation



Double Room / Rates


Long term

Short term

Dorm No.2

Section A

CNY12,150 per academic year, person, and bed

CNY 85 per person, day and bed

furniture, bed linens, TV, air conditioner, telephone (201 card) and private washroom with shower (24 hours hot water service)

Dorm No.7

Section B

CNY16,200 per academic year, person, and bed

furniture, bed linens, TV, telephone (201 card), air conditioner, private washroom with shower (24 hours hot water service)

Dorm No.8

CNY14,850 per academic year, person, and bed

CNY120 per person, day and bed

furniture, bed linens, TV, air conditioner, telephone (201 card), private washroom with shower (24 hours hot water service)


(1) All the above-mentioned information is only supposed to be reference. The final decision shall be subject to university’s arrangements.

(2) Accommodation details: /col/col9282/index.html


10. Estimated Living Expenses


CNY 1,000


CNY 550/semester

Dormitory Deposit1

CNY 500

Internet Service

CNY30/month (wired network)

CNY20/month (25G, wireless network)

CNY10/month (15G, wireless network)


100-degree electricity quotas will be provided to each room per month. The surplus part will be self-supported(CNY 0.5/unit)

Health Insurance

CNY 800 for one year



Deposit1: If no damages are caused, it will be refunded when you check out the dorm.

Personal Expenses2: Personal expenses include local transportation, laundry and personal items. These expenses may vary based on an individual’s lifestyle.


11. SIM card

China MobileChina Unicom and China Telecom are the top3 telecommunications service providers in Mainland China. Please bring your passport when you buy a SIM card.

The SIM cards usually come with an included monthly allowance for mobile internet, phone calls and short message.

We also suggest you install the Wechat app on your mobile phone before coming to China.


12. Beijing Rail Transit Lines


13. Convenient Transportation

Urban public transportation means in Beijing are mainly  subway, the bus and the taxi.

The Beijing Subway Systems run almost everywhere in Beijing, and at present, there are Line 1, Line 2, Line 5, Batong, Line 13, Line 10, Olympic Area Line, and Airport Express, etc..

Usually, the fastest and most convenient way of travel and go around in the city is to take the subway first and take the bus or taxi for your destination. The nearest subway station to

BISU is the Communication University of China on the Batong Line. The station is about 800 meters west of the South Gate.

There are bus stops outside both south gate and north gate of BISU.


14. Visa

a)According to Chinese law, students holding an X1 visa must apply for a Residence Permit within 30days upon entry into China. Otherwise he/she will be responsible for all the

consequences, including a fine of a maximum amount of CNY10,000, or being deported for illegal residence. Students with an X1 visa should contact the International Student Affairs

Office upon arrival to conduct the Residence Permit application in a timely manner.

b)All students holding an X1 visa must have a physical examination done. Any physical examination is only valid for 6months. Students who have already taken physical examinations

should bring a full set of the original medical reports for verification. The verification fee is CNY60.If you cannot have the examination done before leaving your home country, you may have it done in Beijing. The cost is about CNY400.、

15. Health Insurance

Students who plan to study in China for no less than one semester are required to purchase medical insurance covering accidental injuries, serious illnesses and hospitalization. China Ping

An Insurance Company offers group Comprehensive Insurance which covers accidental injuries and hospitalization. Each individual of the group needs to pay CNY 800 for one year .

Each of the insured students will be given an Insurance Card. The Card should be properly kept. In times of necessary medical treatment, the insured student should call the 24-hour service

line, 400-810-5119 or 010-67185217 for assistance before going to the doctor. For more details please visit website:




Financial data, as a business tool, has been playing a vital role in economic activities. Managers need to judge and make decisions by relying on the financial information, and investment managers also need to determine corporate value by using the financial information. Corporate finance is one of the fastest-growing areas of business activity.


In China, on the one side of the coin, those talents who have international financial background have been in huge demand by enterprises. Chinese enterprises need those talents with global

view for developing their overseas businesses. On the other side it is the same case for those multinational companies in China; they need those talented finance people with cross-cultural background to explore business opportunities in local Chinese markets.


The qualification integrates corporate finance with accounting aiming to foster and train those talents to grasp a global and strategic vision and view, to understand international accounting principles, to be able to make investment decision by relying on financial big data in the capital market.


The major provides an excellent foundation for those hoping to gain a professional accountancy qualification and can also prepare students for careers in finance and other sectors.


After completion, students are able to:


  • Understand theories, concepts and practices in Accounting and Finance

  • Understand and apply qualitative and quantitative analytical methods in Accounting and Finance

  • Apply Accounting and Finance knowledge to business cases studies

  • Develop problem-solving skills in financial problems.


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